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Timothy Peng

彭加榮和妻子余文婷育有兩女一男,Hanna, Kyrene and Ethan. 彭加榮畢業於Pensacola Christian College (B.A. Pastoral Ministries), 並Calvin Theological Seminary (M.T.S Historical Theology), 目前仍在Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary 攻讀 Th.M (Historical Theology). 他在 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 的華人教會擔任了六年的英文堂牧師,並於2010年開始在蘭辛華人教會擔任牧師。在繁忙的工作之外,彭加榮喜歡陪家人,聽古典音樂,並讀有關歷史和哲學的書籍。

Timothy Peng and wife Christin have two daughters and a son, Hanna, Kyrene and Ethan. Timothy graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a B.A. in Pastoral Ministries, and from Calvin Theological Seminary with a M.T.S in Historical Theology. He served six years as pastor of the English congregation in the Chinese church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, before he began his ministry at Lansing Chinese Church in 2010. In addition to his busy schedule, Timothy enjoys spending time with his family, listening to classical music, and reading books on history or philosophy.

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